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Identify Your Garden Personality

blog garden Sep 13, 2023


Identifying and understanding your gardening personality is key to creating a successful and enjoyable gardening experience, which at the end of the day is what we all want right? 

By identifying your gardening style, preferences, and goals, you can create a vegetable garden that is uniquely you and grow more than you ever have before!


Understanding Gardening Personalities


Different gardening personalities exist, each with unique characteristics and preferences.  When we know what ours is, instead of trying to find how we can have the same one as everyone else, we really create a garden that becomes easier to grow, produces more, and brings us more joy!  

You can listen to this week's podcast episode HERE to learn more about setting garden goals and identifying your garden personality. Then read on for the five garden personalities I see the most as a garden coach.  I also have a download for you at the bottom of the post to give you a guide to use as you get curious about who you are as a gardener.




The 5 Personalities of A Gardener


The Planner

   - The Planner enjoys detailed planning and organization.

   - They prefer creating schedules, making lists, and following a structured approach to gardening.

   - Key traits: meticulous, organized, and goal-oriented.


The Free Spirit

   - The Free Spirit embraces spontaneity and experimentation.

   - They enjoy going with the flow and trying new things in their garden.

   - Key traits: adventurous, flexible, and open-minded.


The Eco-Conscious Gardener

   - The Eco-Conscious Gardener prioritizes sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices.

   - They focus on organic gardening, composting, and reducing waste.

   - Key traits: environmentally-conscious, resourceful, and mindful.


The Minimalist

   - The Minimalist prefers simplicity and efficiency in their gardening approach.

   - They prioritize low-maintenance plants and utilize space-saving techniques.

   - Key traits: practical, efficient, and minimalist.


The Community Gardener

   - The Community Gardener enjoys connecting with others through gardening.

   - They participate in community gardens, share resources, and engage in collaborative projects.

   - Key traits: social, supportive, and community-oriented.





So where did you see yourself? I feel like there might be a little of each in all of us! The focus is to figure yourself out.  If you are the minimalist gardener, you probably won't enjoy growing asparagus as it has freeform ferns that blow in the wind and take over the entire bed.  If you are the free-spirit gardener, you probably don't like alot of rules and really just want to experiment and dance to the beat of your own drum.  And no matter what your garden personality, I know you would love the Wild Child Garden Club!  We are open to new members for the fall season this month only!

We would love to have you join with us. Your membership includes everything below, and I will walk with you from a garden dream to harvest on your table this season. And you will love your garden!





By recognizing and embracing your vegetable gardening personality, you can tailor your gardening practices to suit your preferences and goals. Whether you're a Planner, Free Spirit, Eco-conscious Gardener, Minimalist, or Community Gardener, there is a place for you in the Garden Club.  And understanding your gardening personality will help you create a thriving and fulfilling vegetable this season! There is so much to grow! Here's to our third season together here! Let's grow!





Need A Resource To Help??  

Download this quick outline to help you set your garden goals and identify your garden personality. 



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