The Wild Child Garden Club is an exclusive mentorship experience for Kitchen Garden Academy graduates who want to continue growing with the methods, mentors, and community that the wild child brand is known for.  

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Monthly Teaching 

Themed teaching that will help you continue growing your best garden, in real time.

  • Monthly Garden Calendar
  • Additional¬†Classes
  • Step-by-step tutorials
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Weekly Coaching 

Get your questions answered in our Sunday Coaching Sessions.

  • Solutions for your specific garden concerns
  • Customized¬†plans for your¬†unique garden
  • Wild Child approved techniques¬†that you will love
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Daily Encouragement 

Get the support you need for continued success in real time.

  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Experienced¬†Garden¬†Mentors
  • A Community Of Friends
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Words From Our Gardeners...

Being in the Wild Child Garden Club has given me the knowledge and support to bring food from the backyard to the kitchen. Thank you.

Judy C.

“I CAN DO THIS! Ten years of trying, and this is my first successful season. Thank you, not just for the incredible knowledge, but also for the hope."

Donna C.


"My wild child garden has provided so much more than veggies. It is my peace. It is my retreat. It is truly my happy place. I love our group.‚ÄĚ

Sandy C.

Your Garden Club Membership Includes

  • Relevant Monthly Teaching
  • Live Weekly Coaching
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Instant Access¬†To The On-Demand¬†Library
  • Free Registration To¬†ALL New Courses During Membership
  • Wild Child Fundamentals¬†Orientation
  • Live Garden Planning Sessions For Every Season
  • Monthly Garden Calendar, Step By Step Tutorials, and PDF Downloads in a Library Of Resources
  • Monthly In Person Get Togethers To Learn And Grow Together
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Get These Bonuses When You Choose Year of Mentorship

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One Full Garden Year of Growing

  • Instant and Unlimited Access To Our Entire Library of On-Demand Courses
  • Instant and Unlimited Access To New Courses Added To The Library Every Month
  • Access To Our Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Teaching
  • Weekly LIVE Coaching
  • 12 Full Months Of The Wild Child Garden Club Mentorship (All details at checkout.)
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Month to Month Mentorship

  • Instant and Unlimited Access To Our Entire Library of On-Demand Courses
  • Instant and Unlimited Access To New Courses Added To The Library Every Month
  • Access To Our Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Teaching
  • Weekly LIVE Coaching
  • Automatic Renewal Month To Month Mentorship (Cancel Anytime)¬†
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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Program

How long is a Wild Child Season?

In the south, zone 9, we only really have two seasons...HOT and COOL.  So that is how we grow. We divide our garden calendar accordingly and grow in two seasons.  HOT (spring and summer) and COOL (fall and winter). Our hot season is from February to July, and our cool season is from August to January.  No matter when you join you will get results.

How Often Can I Ask Questions?

You are encouraged to ask questions early and often.  The more we can help you grow as a gardener, the better.  Our Facebook group is full of busy women, just like you, who may have a brand new garden or who may be a season or two. All are eager to help you grow!  So ask away!! Also, our Sunday coaching sessions are great for questions too!

Do I Need A Garden To Join?

No!  We grow gardeners, and we can't wait to show you how amazing it is to grow your own food in the space you have with the time you've got. To join, you must complete the Kitchen Garden Academy.

Why Do I Have To Complete The Academy First? 

We want you to speak the wild child language so that you can jump into our community and take off as a gardener!  We want you to be familiar with our protocols and how we grow, and you learn it all in the Academy.  In the Academy you become a gardener, and in the Garden Club you grow as a gardener!

Do I Have To Be Coached Live?

No!  You can be coached live if you have a garden need that you would like for us to help you with, but the beauty of this program is that most of the time we all have the same questions, so you can just watch the coaching sessions and benefit greatly.

Do I Have to Have Facebook to Join?

You do not have to participate in our members only Facebook group, but it is a wealth of knowledge and a community of friends, so you do not want to miss out. We have several members who have created Facebook accounts just for our group. 

I'm Ready To Grow!!

Hi! I'm Kellye

I created Wild Child Kitchen Gardens for busy women just like you. Whether you have one pot on the patio or a backyard full of raised beds, we know that this mentorship community will transform your life.  

And your vegetables aren't the only things that will grow.  In the Wild Child Garden Club, YOU WILL GROW TOO!  We will show you how beautiful it is to live a life in season, one that follows the rhythms of nature, where lost skills are restored, hours are stretched, and your roots are deep into what inspires you.  We believe that it all begins with a garden.  I would be honored to grow with you!