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#32 Who Are You As A Gardener?

Season #3

Welcome to Season 3 of the podcast!  I could not be more excited about what I have for you!  We are digging deep this season, and we are starting with asking ourselves a fundamental question, Who are you as a gardener? This is such an important question to ask going into a new season, and it is one that gets completely overlooked as we rush into the nursery for the first delivery of vegetables.


You are going to love these questions to ask yourself before you plant a single thing.  It will take your garden to a whole new level.  You can learn more about identifying your garden personality and grab a quick download from the Wild Child Garden Journal HERE to help you document your answers to the questions we ask ourselves today!  


If you want to join the Wild Child Garden Club community, our doors are open for the month of September ONLY!!  Join us!!  Visit to learn more about my membership program.


If one of your garden goals is to add more flowers to your vegetable garden, join me for The Art of Growing Flowers In The Vegetable Garden and be wowed at how to incorporate flowers into your vegetable garden this season.  This class will be LIVE Thursday, September 14, 2023 at 6:30PM (CST), and on demand after.  Learn more at to learn more about this and all of the classes offered this season.