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#49 Wild Child Companion Planting

Season #4

When you rush to the nursery at first sign of tomatoes on the tables, you are setting yourself up for a season of disappointment. I know this because this is exactly what I did for years, and what most gardeners do too, which is why most gardeners are frustrated at the end of every season.


Learn the wild child companion planting method and transform your garden. Is this episode I will share the three steps to a plan that keeps your garden thriving all season, and download THIS freebie to learn my favorite companions to add to my vegetable garden! 


If this is the season you want to transform your garden, you are in the right place.  Learn to companion plant like a wild child and maximize your space, increase your harvests, decrease pests and disease, and eliminate weeds for good!  Sound too good to be true?  Tune in!!


Links Mentioned In This Episode

Download my favorite companions HERE.

Download my Wild Child Garden Guide HERE.

Sign up for my FREE workshop Wild Child Companion Planting HERE.

Check out my FREE class Raised Bed Gardening Made Simple HERE.


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