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#37 The Easiest Vegetables To Grow In The Cool Season

Season #3

I have to tell you about some of the easiest, set it and forget it, most bang for the buck veggies that you will ever grow today!! I want you to carve out some space for these guys because you will be blown away by their flavor, their beauty all winter, and their lack of needing just about anything from you. That is my kind of cold weather veggie!


I am talking about garlic and onions, and let me tell you, you want them in your garden! They are members of the Awesome Alliums family, and today I hope to convince you to try them. You can download my favorite varieties HERE and sign up for my on-demand class "Growing Awesome Alliums,"  which is available right now in our on-demand course library!  I will walk you through the entire process of ordering, planting, growing, harvesting, and storing them to use all year inside this class. I have a workbook for you and lots of resources! Sign up at HERE, and I will see you inside!