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Bringing Children Into The Garden

Season #2 Episode #23

Welcome back to the podcast! This week we dive into how to garden with kids! My special guest is our Wild Child Kitchen Gardens community manager, Lindsey Kennedy. Lindsey is a busy mom of 4 with a suburban garden, where she teaches her kids how to grow through gardening. Whether your kids are 2 or 22, there is a place for them in your garden!


2:12 – Kellye welcomes Lindsey Kennedy who gives a breakdown of her family dynamics, including homeschooling and gardening.

3:25 – Lindsey discusses why she brings her kids into the garden, how it bonds them as a family, and the teachable moments the garden contains.

5:15 – Kellye and Lindsey discuss how gardening is a way of life with littles. The countless memories contained within the garden, and how it is an instant serotonin boost for all ages to be in the garden.

7:15 – Wee Little Wild Child featured in In Season Magazine, and springtime activities: starting seeds, growing flowers, and making it play as nothing is too precious.

11:00 – “Everything is not a crisis” – Lindsey mantra for life and gardening – especially with kids! Learning that while something may be wrong, it is ok to work through the problem and decide the way forward.

14:10 – Lindsey discusses her approach to how to manage the garden and how to assign roles to your kids.

16:12 – Favorites to grow – anything you can pick a lot of! Beans, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries. Kids love to document with photos too.

21:30 – Kellye discusses May is for Melons and how fun kids find growing melons!

24:00 – Setting goals in the garden.

25:30 – Lindsey gives tips related to ages on how to get kids in the garden

29:50 – Excited to grow this summer – Tomatoes!



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