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Summer Gardening Made Easy

Season #2 Episode #26

Welcome back to the podcast! This week we dive into Easy Summer Gardening! Our unique growing climate means you can grow 52 weeks a year.  Yes, it is hot and humid, but you can make the southern summer garden SO easy! She also talks about her FREE Summer Garden Masterclass!



3:20 – Kellye talks about how important it is to live seasonally with your garden and finding the balance between the seasons.

8:21 – Kellye discusses the options for what to pick for your summer garden in order for it to thrive!

9:16 – Kellye talks about the do-over season, which is her all time favorite!

10:05– Kellye introduces her FREE Summer Masterclass!

11:15 – Kellye discusses how to prepare your summer garden for your busy summer schedule including how to keep your garden happy while you are traveling.

12:50 – Utilizing timers and setting a watering schedule while you are gone helps keep your gardening thriving – Kellye gives her exact schedule.

15:45 – How to feed and harvest your summer garden the Wild Child Way




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