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In Season

A Gardener's Guide To Seasonal Living


In Season Holiday 2023


This issue of In Season brings all the holiday goodness from your garden into your home with holiday cheer that we know you will love.

We got to chat with the expert of holiday decorating, Melissa Laney, who shares her love of the holidays along with some great tips about how we can level up our Christmas trees.  We also have some gift wrapping from the garden ideas for you, and some great ways to bring the garden inside for the holidays.

And as BONUS, we have included the popular Wild Child Advent Guide inside of this issue so you can celebrate Advent like a wild child this Christmas season. If Advent has ever seemed intimidating to you, this quick and timeless guide will bring the anticipation of the coming Savior to your home with ease and wonder this season.  This issue is steeped in comfort and joy and is magical in every way!

Pre-order your issue now!  It will arrive in your mailbox, the first week of December, and we hope that you will linger on every page with a warm cup of something yummy and a wild child simmer pot on the stove.  That is what’s In Season. 

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