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The Garden Club Is Closed Until The Fall Season

But that doesn't mean you can't start growing RIGHT NOW!  

Learn The Wild Child Garden Symphony

Do you want your harvest basket to look like this?  This is a wild child gardener's basket, and she is over the moon with her garden this season!  You can see why! It is all about the symphony!  I will show you how to create your own in this class.

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Learn My Best Advice For Any Gardener

How do I harvest 52 weeks a year? How do the over 200 gardeners in my programs harvest 52 weeks a year?  I am going to give you my best advice, three simple words that will change everything, inside this class and you will be blown away!

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Get A Crash Course On My Do's and Don'ts

Of Gardening

This is a game changer. Learn what every gardener should and should not be doing to ensure a better season. What works? What doesn't?  And how you can get the garden of your dreams.  It is easier than you think! 

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