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Choose a coaching option below and let's grow together!

Get Your Garden Questions Answered In A Virtual Call

Why are my leaves turning colors?  How do I get these bugs off of my plant?  What is happening to my tomatoes?  These common questions and so many more are answered in a virtual coaching call. Book yours now and and let's grow!

Book A Virtual Coaching Session

Schedule a ‚ÄúGarden House Call‚Ä̬†For In Person Coaching¬†

Are you stumped with troubles in your garden? Do you have questions about your garden that you haven’t been able to solve? Don't know where to begin and are tired of trying to figure it all out on your own? Schedule a house call and get the help you need for the harvests you want.

Book A "Garden House Call"

Take Your Garden From Underperforming To Overproducing In 3 Sessions

Don't let another season go by without an overflowing harvest basket. Book this three session package and begin with a virtual call to discuss your goals. Then in your second session join Kellye in your garden to see what is keeping you from reaching your goals.  And finally, in your third session, we will virtually check on your progress.

Book The "In Your Garden" Package

Start With A Dream and End With A Garden

In my most comprehensive package, which includes 3 virtual coaching sessions and 2 in your garden sessions, you will receive 4 hours of coaching time PLUS a custom garden design plan AND a shopping list for the nursery. In this package I will walk you through every step of turning your dream into a beautiful growing garden.

Book The "Your New Garden" Package

Hi! I'm Kellye! 

I would love to grow with you!!  I created Wild Child Kitchen Gardens for busy women just like you because you are just like me.  I know what you need to be successful, and I will teach it to you and show you how to grow your own food in the space you have, with the time you've got...toddlers in tow, baby on hip, with an aching back, single, married, newly wed, or retired. There is a wild child program for you! I can't wait to show you how much you can grow!