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The Best Iced Coffee

blog recipes Dec 04, 2022

It feels like a life time ago when I met the Pioneer Woman Ree Drumond. We met in blog land when she still signed all of her posts "P-Dub" and had not even thought about a Food Network tv show. She had a couple thousand followers, and in the early 2000's that might as well have been a couple million. I loved her then, and I loved her now. She posted about this iced coffee recipe, and I had never heard of such a thing. I had certainly never made any. But, I hung on her every word, so I made a batch. Over the years, I have tweaked it to make it just right, and I am sharing with you a recipe that is mostly hers and some my own. Once you make some, you will never be in a Starbucks line for iced coffee again! I promise!!


✨12 - 16oz. bag of your favorite coffee
✨2 gallons of water
✨1 can condensed milk
✨1 can evaporated milk


Pour a pound of your favorite coffee into 2 gallons of water and leave it on the counter overnight. (I use large pitchers and pour half of the coffee in each one.)
Mix a can of evaporated milk with a can of condensed milk and pour into a mason jar and refrigerate. The next day strain the steeped coffee through your coffee filter basket back into your container and refrigerate. When you’re ready for a glass, just pour the coffee over ice and add as much of the milk mixture as you like. 

It is an amazing summer afternoon treat that we drink regularly around here. I hope you love it too!!

So easy and so delicious! ENJOY!! 💕 


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