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Nurture Others With Your Garden

blog garden herbs wild child garden club Jan 06, 2023

Nurture the garden this month, and in turn it will nurture you right back. Then, you can nurture others. It is a beautiful harmony and the most fulfilling part of backyard gardening. Gardening brings out the best in people, and with the fruit of your labor, you can change the world.


Bring over some herbs, give away canned pickles to neighbors, share seeds with friends. This is how you bring the growing season full circle. And the cycle continues. You will be amazed at how these plants will heal your soul, and the souls of those that you share with.


Here are some ways to nurture others with the work of your hands.


Herb Bundles


One of the easiest things to share from the garden is herbs. They need to be harvested, and by now, you may be tired of them. Use what you have to spare to brighten someone's day. Make a basil bouquet, a mint bundle, or even put together a variety of herbs and bring them to someone else to enjoy. Or have them on hand for visitors who come to you.


Photo credit @tribevantassel (Instagram)


Garden Fresh Bouquets


Cutting flowers is healing to the mind and soul. You will awaken your senses with each flower you cut. The sights and smells will bring your mind to a place of rest and comfort that cannot be overstated. When I am having a rough day, I go out to the garden and start making bouquets. There is something about bringing in these beautiful flowers that just makes things all better.


Remember to leave some flowers for the pollinators, but in the garden symphony, these companions are the most beautiful note. Bring them in to enjoy, or give them away to someone who needs their day brightened.



Spend the Morning Canning


If you have never channeled your inner Ma Ingalls, canning is a wonderful way to simplify your pantry and enjoy the fruit of your labor on a higher level. This practice is soothing and will make you so proud of what you have accomplished in the garden this season. Canning pickles or salsa or two favorites around here to share as well. My go to canning recipe for pickles and my salsa recipe can both be found here.



Supper In The Garden


One of my favorite summer time activities is supper in the garden. Whether it is on a picnic blanket or a fully set table, eating outside is a special treat all in itself. I love to nurture my family and friends by setting a beautiful table, and enjoying supper outdoors. When there is plenty, the garden repays us for our hard work by nurturing us right back with a menu fit for a king. Invite some friends over for a special evening, or just serve your family in the garden. It will make a memory for a lifetime!



Share Your Seeds


One easy way to nurture other gardeners is to share the seeds from your favorite vegetables this season. I have lots of seeds leftover from this year's planting that I can't wait to share with other gardener friends of mine. It is a really special thing that can brighten someone's day when you offer an envelope of seeds and tell your friend how much you loved this variety this season. And sharing seeds is like sharing gold in a lot of ways. There is no telling whether or not the seeds from this year will be available next year. Most experienced gardeners know this, so to share something you love with them, is a big deal. It makes them feel special, and they will always remember your generosity! Changing the world one shared seed at a time!



Share Your Veggies


This goes without saying to most gardeners, but if you have never bagged up some tomatoes for a friend or neighbor, you are missing out on my favorite part of gardening. I think most gardeners would agree that giving away veggies is the most rewarding part of the growing season. To be able to make someone's day with a bag of produce that you grew is hard to beat. If you haven't yet, make sure you do that this week.



As gardeners, we have the ability to change the world, one vegetable at a time. And we are on the mission. By nurturing our gardens all month, we have extended the growing season well into the summer, when most gardeners have given up. As we worked to keep the soil in tip top shape, the garden in turn, nurtured us. Now, we have the opportunity to nurture others with what we have grown. It is the best feeling in the world!! Join me this week, and make some ones day. Nurture their bellies and souls with a little love from your backyard!





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