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Great Gifts For The Gardener On Your List

gifts holidays Nov 22, 2023


Holiday giving is one of our favorite traditions. But knowing exactly what to give can oftentimes be less than delightful. If you have a gardener on your list this year, we can help you find the ideal present to place underneath your rosemary Christmas tree. From the first-time gardener to the generational giant Wild Child Kitchen Gardens has some ideas to make Saint Nick’s job a little easier. 


The Gardening Hopeful

Let’s begin with the gardening hopeful on your list. The one who is daydreaming about growing their own veggies at home. This gardener in the making needs guidance, they need know-how. What better gift to give than the gift of knowledge? Treat this special ‘sprout’ to a soil building class or even an entire gardening fundamentals class from Wild Child Kitchen Gardens. We specialize in growing gardeners and don’t forget we have a podcast too! Bundle any of these as a gift card alongside a potted rosemary or a homemade edible container and you will have a really unique gift that will keep on giving.  We have lots of options at every price point HERE, and you can score $50 off of our Kitchen Garden Academy on Black "Green" Friday!!

The Crazy Plant Lady

Next, for the crazy plant lady on your list- we have included some links and suggestions to our very favorite things below! A gardener wants all things green, growing, and gorgeous. Consider going beyond watering cans, pruning shears, and garden gloves. So much garden joy can come from so many other things in our opinions.  Like this kitchen counter compost bin.  All gardeners love compost.  And a countertop compost bin will definitely jingle the bells of any gardener on your list!  Our Amazon storefront is stocked with so many great gifts.  These are things that we use and love!! Check it out HERE.



Take the Pressure Off The Gift and Focus On The Giving

And finally, to take the pressure out of gift giving, remember that any gardener values time spent together, thoughtfulness and a nice cup of tea. So even if you just take a moment to write a note, stop to talk or send a bundle of garden goodies to a precious friend or loved one for Christmas this year, they will appreciate it and you will be glad you did. Let this quick list below help inspire you and save you time during these festive preparations. 


Our Quick List of Great Gifts At Every Price Point

  • Soil Building class Wild Child Kitchen Gardens
  • Kitchen Garden Academy program Wild Child Kitchen Gardens ($50 off Friday, Nov. 24th)
  • Garden Journals/ almanac
  • Smock aprons $32+
  • Linen veggie keepers $12+;
  • Wooden herb strippers $18
  • Coffee mug $15
  • Garden themed ornaments $22-$38;
  • Seeds 
  • Organic teas $9+
  • In Season quarterly magazine subscription (
  • Wild Child Garden Goods shop (get a wild child hoodie or a harvest apron HERE)
  • Countertop composting bin (
  • Seed starting supplies (
  • Potted herbs (or edible container class with link) 


Gifts FROM The Gardener

Are you a wild child yourself and wondering how you can use what you have growing to make some amazing gifts this season?  Maybe you want to venture out and give something different this year.  Grab our Comfort and Joy Gift Guide below and create gifts that any gift recipient will love.  Inside you will find gifts FROM the gardener, and if you aren't careful you might just inspire your recipient to start growing too!  There is lots inside the guide, and it is completely free!



Still needing more inspo? Kellye digs in to gift giving from a wild child and for a wild child on this week's podcast episode. Listen HERE and get to shopping!!




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