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A Wild Child Garden in May!

May 24, 2024

In my mind May is the official start of summer.  I know, I know, the summer solstice isn't until June 20th this year, but ya'll this is South Louisiana!  By the the time we get to May, it is summer time!  The days are long and warm, the kids are getting out of school, and by this point your garden should be planted!  Now don't panic if you are just jumping into "Wild Child World", as we affectionatly call our little corner of the internet, there are still plenty of things you can plant this month!  Before I jump right into telling you all the things you can plant for the month of May, I want to take a minute to make sure you know exactly what we are all about here at Wild Child Kitchen Gardens!  We are the busy ladies garden!  We focus on planting a garden that brings us joy, and basically grows herself once we get her planted.  We focus on feeeding our soil, and the soil in turn keep are plants growing beautifully all seaon.  If this sounds like something you want to learn more about check out our Spring Offerings!  This month in my garden I am planting Melons, Pumpkins, and HERBS!  Don't miss our Herbs are for Everyone Course!


May is for Melons

If you have been around for a while you may have noticed that I haven't talked about planting melons yet! But, ya'll no Wild Child Garden is complete without melons!  We have a wonderful course in our library called May is for Melons, and if you are thinking you want to join us in planting melons START HERE!!  Trust me, this course will teach you everything you need to know to get started growing melons!  Now you may be thinking that you don't have any extra space in your garden right now! I've got good news for you, in my course I will teach you exactly how to grow them in a GROW BAG!!  So no matter what your garden looks like, you have room!! One more reason I love to grow melons is that you can direct sow them right into the garden!!  You will never see my summer garden with out melons!  Charentais and Sugar Baby are two of my favorite varieties, and they do FANTASTIC here in South Louisiana! 


Growing Gorgeous Pumpkins

Now that I have convinced you that you need Melons, let me go ahead and tell you one more thing you MUST GROW!  Pumpkins!! Now ya'll may be thinking, Kellye, have you seen the Squash Vine Borer (SVB) situation I have in my garden??  Well, hear me out!  Did you know that there are varieties of pumpkins that are SVB resistant??  Yes, there are!!  We are all about beating the dreaded SVB in the Wild Child Garden Club, and my favorite variety just happens to be SVB resistant! Fariy Tale is one of my most favorite varieties to grow, and trust me, you if you only plant one variety this is the one for you!  In our course Growing Gorgeous Pumpkins I will give you a really comprehensive list of pumpkin varieties I recommend! 


Herbs are for EVERYONE! 

EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE! If you have not added herbs to your garden let me stop you right now, I'm going to get bossy again for a minute.  Go to the nursery today and find you some herbs.  Your garden needs herbs!  Early this Spring I wrote a blog post called 3 Must Grow Summer Herbs where I break down the three herbs thatI believe every Wild Child Garden MUST HAVE!  Trust me, you will never regret tucking each of these herbs in the corner of your garden beds.  They bring so much beauty to the Spring Garden!  And we all know a Wild Child Garden is three things: easy to care for, over-producing, and BEAUTIFUL!  

Even though it may be a little late to get some of your summer veggies in the ground, I'm talking about you tomatoes! There are still so many things you can get in the ground right now!  You will never regret planting a garden, I promise!  I want you to know that no matter what month it is, there is always something to be planted in South Louisiana!  





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