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3 Reasons Every Gardener Should Start Seeds!

seeds Dec 27, 2023




Does if seem like I am always trying to convince you to step outside of your comfort zone in the garden?? I hope so!  Why??  Because you don't grow if you never step outside of your comfort zone!  You may be wondering why in the world you would want to start your vegetables from seed when you can run to your local nursery and grab a transplant? There are many reasons why!!  But, I will keep it simple for you and just share my top three main reasons that each spring hundreds of gardeners get together and take my FREE Success with Seeds class and start their seeds with me!






When you decide to grow the Wild Child way you will learn that we aren't afraid to "buck the system", after all we are not growing your Grandmother's garden.  We are growing a Wild Child garden!  This means, we might plant earlier than some nurseries would recommend, we might push the envelope and grow things in seasons that the nurseries don't recommend, and we might even disobey the nurseries altogether and harvest tons of produce from plants that some would say can't grow here.  But, by doing this we get an early round of vegetables in before some of the local plant stores even get out all of their vegetable plants, we get more harvests by growing more months of the year, and we just might surprise you when we show up to family supper with a harvest basket full of a veggie that many aren't willing to try. When you start seeds with the Wild Child gals you will be taught exactly how to find the appropriate date to get your plants in the garden, what will do well for you in your garden and your climate, and what you may just want to experiment with.  You never know what you might end up harvesting.  One thing I always recommend is to start your own seeds for those must have vegetables! 





Let's just imagine for a moment that you have worked diligently to plan out your garden, down to the last square foot!  You have researched companions (we have a class for that!), you have chosen varieties that will work in your area, and you have amended your soil (we have a class for that too!)...and now you are ready to plant!  Now, off to the local plant store you to go, only to find that they carry none of the varieties you had on your garden plans, none of the herbs you had planned as companions, and only carry white zinnias...because of course your had planned purple and gold for the LSU baseball season. Now let's imagine that you had started seeds with us.  If you had you would have chosen the exact varieties of seeds you wanted to order, we would have even given you a list of "Wild Child Approved" varieties that were tried and true in over 100 Wild Child gardens.  You would have EXACTLY what you want!!!





One of the main reasons that people decide to start a backyard garden is because they want to know where their food comes from!  And what better way to do that than to start those plants that will nourish your family from a tiny seed.  When you start your vegetable garden from seed, you know exactly what you have out in that cup!  You have picked seeds from a reputable seller, you have purchased a good quality seed starting mix, and you have fed with a Wild Child Approved organic feed.  You have literally nourished these tiny baby plants just like you nourished the tiny little humans that you will be feeding them to.  What better reason to start seeds than this?!?


So are you convinced to start seeds with me this season?? Even if you just start a few, I think you will be so happy that you decided to do it!!  It is fun, you get to grow whatever you want, grow varieties that you can't find in the nurseries, and know where your food comes from all the way back to the seed.  If you are ready to dig in, join me for Success With Seeds this season.  This FREE class will take you all the way from shopping for seeds to transplanting your seedlings into the garden.  It is a must for any seed starter.  Did I mention that it is FREE??? Join me HERE!




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