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Come grow with me and learn to be a gardener!


I'm Kellye Jeansonne

After making many mistakes in my own garden, and finding myself frustrated and discouraged season after season, I learned how to be a gardener.  That is when everything changed.  Now, I take what I have learned to help you grow gorgeous food in any space using my wild child garden method.  The wild child garden is easy, it overproduces, and it is beautiful. 

Enroll In The Academy

The Kitchen Garden Academy is the foundation of the wild child garden. This is where it all begins. Whether you are a new gardener or have been growing for years, this program will turn your garden dreams into harvests on your table. This is where your garden dreams come true.  

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Join The Garden Club

If you garden in South Louisiana and want an online community where you will receive monthly teaching, weekly coaching, and the daily support that you need to harvest year round, this is where you want to be! You must complete the Academy to join, so become a wild child gardener below.

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Grow As A Gardener

Want to grow as a gardener?  This is the place for you.  At Wild Child Kitchen Gardens, we grow gardeners! It is our specialty.  Join any course in our library and grow like you never thought you could. Transform your garden into a wild child garden! All classes are on-demand, so you can start right now.

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