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#52 The Tricks Of Growing Corn In A Raised Bed

Season #4

In this episode, we are digging in to growing corn. Yes, you can grow corn in raised beds.  Yes, you can grow corn in zone 9. Yes, you can grow corn right now. And not only can you grow it. In this episode I am going to tell you why you should.


Corn is magical, it is so easy to grow, and it can be grown in raised beds or containers!! YES!!


In this episode I am going to share the tricks of growing corn so that you can grow corn this season.  WE PLANT RIGHT NOW!!! 


Links Mentioned In This Episode:

Download my very own plans for growing corn in raised beds HERE. These plans will show you how to get your corn growing in a raised bed or container right now.

Get my Wild Child Garden Guide HERE and begin transforming your garden space.

Want to grow in a community of like minded plant ladies that want to maximize their space and increase their harvests? Good! I got you! Get more info on my mentorship program, the Wild Child Garden Club HERE.


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