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#48 Is Growing Potatoes Worth It?

Season #4

Think potatoes are a veggie you can skip growing this season? Think again!  You will be missing such a rewarding growing experience, and I don't want that to happen!  Today, I will give you a couple of reasons why I think that growing potatoes is definitely worth it. I think you will agree!


In this episode, we are talking through some of the biggest questions about growing potatoes, how we grow them in the wild child garden, and why I think it is the best way to grow them, hands down.  Plus we talk a little about varieties to grow, my favorite way to cook them, and how to live to 100.  It's always a good time here, so let's dig in, and be sure to grab your freebies below!  Wild child gardening is so much fun!


Wild Child Resources To Help You Grow:

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Learn to grow potatoes step by step in my class Growing Potatoes Like A Wild Child HERE


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