Is A Summer Garden Right For You?

Season #2 Episode #24

Welcome back to the podcast! This week we dive into Summer Gardening in the South. Yes, you can keep growing - even in the heat! Kellye helps breakdown the why and how and whether it is right for you. Plus she talks about setting garden goals and how to use her summer garden goal planner to get your best summer garden.


1:05 – Kellye discusses why Summer Garden might be the most important garden all year

3:06  – There is wasted opportunity by not planting for the summer season. You can actually grow even more than you did in the spring!

5:30 – Kellye discusses how Summer Gardens build your soil for the following seasons. It sets up your Fall and Spring to take them to the next level

9:05 – Kellye talks about selecting the right plants for lots of harvest without a lot of work.

11:00 – Kellye lists out the steps to get started NOW to build your best summer garden – and discusses planning garden goals and using her handy planner

14:10 – A whole month of Summer Only Podcasts is announced!

14:50 – A do – over of the Spring Season?! Kellye breaks it down and discusses her FREE masterclass

16:56 – Is a Summer Garden Right for You? Kellye gives a brief quiz to determine if this is the right move for you!


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