Common Summer Gardening Troubles

Season #2 Episode #25

Welcome back to the podcast! This week we dive into Summer Gardening Troubles in the South! Yes, it is hot and humid, and the pest can be an issue, however Kellye breaks down how to manage the big three obstacles of southern summer gardens. She also talks about her FREE Summer Garden Masterclass!


3:05 – Kellye breaks down the big three issues summer gardeners face, starting with pests.

6:12 – Picking the right varieties can help you outsmart the bugs!

6:50 – Kellye talks about the second issue for zone 9 gardens - diseases

7:35 – Kellye talks about The Do – Over Season – one of the BEST seasons in the Wild Child Kitchen Gardens

13:20 – Kellye discusses picking out the best vegetables to grow during the summer that are “set it and forget it” – so they can grow like crazy!

15:31 – The biggest reason most people do not garden in the summer is THE HEAT. Kellye discusses how to work through the heat and what your choices mean for your fall garden too.




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