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Second Chance Do Over Tomatoes!

Season #2 Episode #28

Welcome back to the podcast! This week we discuss A Second Chance “do – over” with Tomatoes! Tomatoes are always top of the list for a Summer Do-Over, Kellye talks all about how to get your tomatoes going again for all summer enjoyment!


2:13 – Kellye talks about the do-over season and how it gives you a second chance to re-do your Spring Garden and keep those plants producing.


3:04 – Kellye discusses how tomatoes stop producing in the summer, and how it isn’t a reflection of you as a gardener – instead it comes down to science.


4:02 – Kellye talks about topping tomatoes and how it helps produce great fruit.  


7:30– Kellye discusses if you decide to keep your tomatoes over the summer, the process of documenting what works and what doesn’t, to set you up for next year!


10:15 – Kellye discusses growing cherry tomatoes on arches and trellis and how you can use your garden space for other plants in the meantime.


11:47 – Not all slicing tomatoes peter out in the summertime, Kellye tells you which varieties to look for and how to plant suckers to keep them growing.  


13:50 – Kellye introduces her new FREE LIVE class all about Solving Summer Garden Challenges


14:35 – Kellye talks about heat tolerant varieties, why they aren’t her favorite, and how she believes in living seasonally and how that translates into the garden.


18:45 –  You can start growing your own Wild Child Garden!



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