Growing Strawberries In Your Backyard


Want To Learn More About Growing Strawberries In Your Backyard?

In my brand new class The Secrets of Strawberries, I will show you exactly how to plant, grow, harvest and propagate my favorite fruit to grow in my garden!  With these tips and tricks you will be successful with strawberries for many seasons.  Check out the class below!

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Is Growing Fruit on Your Garden Bucket List?

Get the wild child Fruit Growing Essentials class + e-book and receive instruction for growing strawberries, blueberries, figs, citrus, and muscadines. These are must grow fruits for the backyard gardener, and in this class and e-book bundle you will get all the details, tips, and tricks for growing them!  Learn more below!

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I'm Kellye!

I would love to grow with you!!  I created Wild Child Kitchen Gardens for busy women just like you.  I will teach you how to grow your own food in the space you have, with the time you've got...toddlers in tow, baby on hip, with an aching back, single, married, newlywed, or retired.  This program is for you!  Whether you have one pot on the patio or a backyard full of raised beds, this method will increase your harvests, decrease your labor, and transform your life.  

And your vegetables aren't the only things that will grow. YOU WILL GROW TOO!  We will show you how beautiful it is to live a life in season, one that follows the rhythms of nature, where lost skills are restored, hours are stretched, and your roots are deep into what inspires you.  We believe that it all begins with a garden.  I would be honored to grow with you!