LIVE CLASS To Give  You The Secret

To Growing Better Tomatoes 

In this LIVE one hour class on March 21st at 1:00pm (CST), we are sharing all the tomato tricks!  How to grow more tomatoes, how to grow disease free tomatoes, how to keep the hornworms away, what are suckers, and how in the world do we prune them correctly for better harvests?  It is all covered PLUS so much more!! 


Every tomato grower needs a playboook!  This is yours!

  • Learn the difference between determinate and indeterminate and decide which to grow.
  • Get the wild child recommended varieties for easy, overproducing plants.
  • Learn how to plant them for a harvest that just doesn't stop.
  • Get ideas for staking and supporting tomatoes and learn why you need to.
  • Learn how to feed them to keep them producing.
  • Learn tricks for watering, pests, and propagating.
  • Get a great pest prevention protocol, so you never have to worry about horn worms again!
  • And learn how to harvest them correctly.

Yes, All Of This Is Inside!

Plus receive a BONUS workbook to help you grow better tomatoes for many seasons to come!


What's Included In The Course


The Tomato Grower's Playbook

  • Learn about tomatoes and how they grow
  • Choose the best varieties based on your goals
  • Get a plan to ensure your best tomato harvest ever.

Wild Child Favorite Tomato Recipes

You are going to have lots of tomatoes after taking this course.  We are including some of our favorite canning and preserving and fresh from the garden recipes for you!


Tomato Growers Playbook

This workbook will be a trusted resource for you this season.  This pdf download will be emailed prior to the LIVE class.


This Course Is For You If...

  • You find yourself frustrated with your tomatoes every season.
  • Tomatoes intimidate you.
  • You want to grow more tomatoes than you ever have before.
  • You have ever grown tomatoes before, but you want to this season.
  • You are a veteran tomato grower, but you want to see if you can increase your harvest.

I'm Kellye Jeansonne


I am the founder of Wild Child Kitchen Gardens, and I teach and inspire busy women to grow gorgeous food in any space.  I have made all the mistakes of backyard gardening and tried so many methods over the years.  Now, I use what I have learned from my mistakes to keep you from making the same ones!  What I have learned is that we all have green thumbs, we just need someone to help us find ours sometimes!

Grow Amazing Tomatoes This Season

The Tomato Grower's Playbook

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