Growing Great Cucumbers

You’re just a few steps away from a very successful and extended season of cucumbers.  In this online, one hour class you will:

  • Learn the different types of cucumbers and which are best to plant in each season.

  • Learn the best ways to grow cucumbers for a long season.

  • Learn how to deal with disease and prevent pests to get more harvests.

  • Receive Kellye's simple pickling recipe so you can have fun preserving your harvest.

Please note that we do not offer refunds on digital products.

What People Are Saying:

I’d just like to give a shout-out to cucumbers: the real MVP of my garden! πŸ†. So when you see me selling pickles on the side of the road, just mind ya business... or stop and buy some pickles! 😜

Jennifer M

My garden is very happy with my Wild Child Garden Club membership. 6 weeks in and I harvested more cucumbers today than I did in the past 2 years all together. Thank you Kellye Jeansonne. You are an amazing woman, and you have assembled an amazing and supportive group of gardeners. 🌱

Lona G

15 cucumbers πŸ₯’ this morning. Already harvested 47 so far!! Fall cucumbers πŸ₯’ are doing so much better than summer crop. Super over-producer!! My sweet husband is having a ball picking each morning and keeping count!!

Mary H

$14.00 USD