"Your New Garden" Coaching Package

In this coaching package for brand new gardeners, we will work together to set you up for success in your brand new garden. Your blank space will be harvests on your supper table in no time. 

What you'll get:

  • We will begin with a 30 minute virtual coaching session to determine your goals and how we can work together to meet them.

  • Then when you are ready we will book your 60 minute in person garden coaching session where we will walk through your new garden space, identify where your beds should be placed for maximum sun exposure and best use of space as well as aesthetics, and assess how to best reach your garden goals.

  • After our meeting, you will receive a garden plan specifically designed for your space that includes your bed layout as well as vegetable placement, a shopping list for the nursery, and the supplies you need to create the garden you want. We even do the math for you and determine how much soil you need to get the job done! All of the guesswork is taken out for you.

  • As a follow up, we will schedule a 30 minute virtual session where Kellye will answer all of your questions about the plan you received and what was discussed in your garden. You will feel confident and ready to create the garden space of your dreams after this session.

  • Your 4th session is a check in. Kellye pays you a visit after your garden is built to make sure you are ready for planting. This session includes an assessment of your beds' drainage, your watering system's efficiency, and you soil. This is an important check in. You an also choose to schedule this session after planting to ensure that your plants are growing well and that your garden is set up and on track to give you the harvest you want.

  • Finally, one more follow up virtual call completes your package. This call can be scheduled any time during the growing season and can be described as a phone a friend. Got questions about your garden? Seeing things that you don't know how to address? This call will keep you on track and give you the confidence you need to grow the garden you dreamed of.



You can always book additional follow up calls or even an additional check in as you need it. And, you will be invited to join the Wild Child Garden Club to receive the benefits of growing in community.

$799.00 USD