Wild Child Soil Building

Purchase this on demand, work at your own pace course and change your garden forever.  If you are frustrated with your underperforming garden, this is the course for you! 

This class is for the gardener who wants to supercharge their soil.  In this on-demand class you will learn not only how to build a soil that will feed your plants, but also WHY you want to.  This course will blow your mind with ideas of how to boost your soil to harvest more and work less in the garden you already have.  Once you see your soil as the foundation of your garden, you'll never grow any other way!   This class will take your garden to the next level.

What you'll learn:

  • How to create soil that feeds your plants
  • How to work less in your garden grow more
  • How to jumpstart your soil with compost
  • How to use worms to build your soil 


  • The Science of Soil - in this video presentation learn the science behind how the soil ecosystem works for your garden veggies
  • Advanced Soil Building - in this audio recording of a talk Kellye gave at the 2023 Wild Child Spring Retreat, learn how soil health is key to pest control and how we can boost both!
  • Wild Child Soil Boosting - in this video teaching learn the way that wild child gardeners boost their soil every season to increase microbial life AND reduce pests!  
  • Composting Made Easy  - in this new class for spring 2024, you will learn how to compost the wild child way.  While you will get some pointers on traditional outdoor composts and worm bins, this class is designed to help you make composting part of your daily rhythm and is easier than you can imagine.  
  • A Wild Child Feeding Guide to help you create a feeding plan that keeps your garden growing

$99.00 USD