Calling All Louisiana Gardeners Who Want To Keep Growing This Summer But....


the garden called it quits before you could


the heat is too much 


the pests are too bad


the disease is too rampant


you don't have the time




Day One

Learn why you need to keep growing! Did you know that the worst thing you can do for your garden is let it go?

Day Two

Learn how to do the do-over. Follow the wild child method to set your garden up for summer success.

Day Three

Get the wild child secret ingredient to do-over success.  Learn how to harvest veggies all summer!

Check Out Some Of Our Gardeners!

Meet Your Coach

Hi! I'm Kellye!  I am the founder of Wild Child Kitchen Gardens, and I teach and inspire busy women to grow gorgeous food in whatever space you have and whatever time you've got. I have made all the mistakes of backyard gardening and tried so many methods over the years. Now, I use what I have learned from my mistakes to keep you from making the same ones! What I have learned is that we all have green thumbs, we just need someone to help us find ours sometimes!  I would love to grow with you!